Friday, 24 October 2008

Internet sucks in China

Jeez... Today has been one of those days where I feel like I'm watching the precious hours of my life pass by while I wait for web pages to load up. What the deal China?!... Can't we all just get down with some real deal high speed internet? This song sums up my feelings in a nutshell.

This is going to happen...

That's right! Bananas Soundsystem invades Hong Kong on November 7th for a night of difficult pimpin' with Kid Fresh, Dj Enso and Miss Yellow and super special guest Dre Skull. Don't forget to put a peacock feather in your wide brimmed hat!
This is going to be rad.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Joe Strummer

If you haven't seen the documentary about Joe Strummer, "The Future is Unwritten" it's recommendable according to me. I can't say I've ever been hugely into the Clash aside from some of their radio hits, but this was just a great documentary with an awesome soundtrack of music played both by the Clash and on Joe Strummer's radio program that he used to broadcast internationally out of the U.K. Big up to Leo and Katrina from Free the Wax for hosting the "24 Frames Per Second" documentary nights on their rooftop and exposing me to new media and cool stuff and being generally great people.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Test one two...

Ok, seems that has been unblocked in China. Meanwhile, has been sadly lost by the Bananas Soundsystem (guess we didn't pay our annual dues) and is now a website about fruit, not fruity music and parties, etc... Anyways, I've never blogged before with blogger, so I'm just testing things out. Hopefully I won't be lazy about this and will actually keep this one up and moving.
Let's start it off with a classic hip hop joint that I just recently heard and remembered "Oh, yeah, this song is amazing."