Friday, 23 October 2009

Oh yeah... I have a blog.

My friend Maile just reminded me, I have a blog! I had pretty much forgotten as the Chinese government has blocked all blogspot sites (as well as facebook, twitter, youtube... god forbid the citizen's of China get to see that new Britney Spears video, they'd probably rebel against society and demand big gulps and sweatsuits for every citizen). Anyways, at one point I thought I could work around it using a proxy server, but the people running the Great Firewall of China are in a constant arms race against netizens to keep them from accessing information, and they figured out that proxy servers were allowing people to do just that: inform themselves of what's happening in the world. At any rate, now I have a VPN, so for the moment I can blog again... who knows how long it'll be til someone figures out how sabatoge VPN's and we're back to the stone ages again. Whatevs. My main point is, for now at least I can incessantly rant online again, and if you don't live in China (or you've become and internet tech dork in order to keep downloading porn in Beijing), you can easily read it.

Thanks Maile for reminding me I should upload music again. Miles and I used to rock out to Black Sheep's first album in middle school in like 1991, and that's still probably one of my favorite-est ever hip hop albums. I think "The Choice is Yours" was the first song I ever did the freak train to so, obviously, I have a real soft spot in my heart for these guys. They sort of quietly came out with a second album, "Non-Ficiton" three years later that was also great, but slept on, and then released "8WM-Novakane" in 2006 or 07. Also slept on. I wonder what the hell Mr. Lawng and Dres were up to in the 13 years in between albums. Anyways, these guys are like a fine wine, getting more complex and subtle as they age; though nostalgia wins out and I'll always like their first album the best. That said, this is my jam at the moment, gotta play it like 3 or 4 times every time I hear it. So, with out further obnoxious ado, this one's for all you Shorties out there, especially Maile:

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