Monday, 7 December 2009

Shanghai No.1 Taoist DJ Party, every Thursday @ Dada

I somehow got a weekly gig here in Shanghai... it's been a while since anyone's allowed me back in their establishment to play within a month of my last dj fiasco. But, the guys down at Dada know what time it is, so they threw me a bone. Here's the press info, if you're into that kind of thing:

EVERY Thursday after 10pm...

- "Shanghai NO.1 Taoist DJ Party"

- Resident DJs Dan Battle (elnomo), Blaise Deville, Ozone, Steve
Bamford, Trix, and friends heat up Thursday nights with smart but carefree eclectic music -- using ancient Taoist wisdom to help select the perfect tunes -- from rock to disco, from funk to electro, from trip hop to tech-house and global rhythms. Free entry.


"上海NO.1 Taoist DJ Party"

上 海常驻DJs Dan Battle (elnomo), Blaise Deville, Ozone, Steve Bamford, Trix, 还有其他的朋友,他们会用电音将周四晚上沸腾起来。用道教的智慧去选择完美的音调--从摇滚到disco,从funk到电音。

And here's a song you might hear this Thursday:

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