Friday, 7 November 2008

Kanye Came to Shanghai

So Kanye West came to Shanghai last Monday and put on a pretty underwhelming show. I was surprised that the world's "premier pop star" wasn't able to sell out the Shanghai Grand Theatre, and was also a bit disappointed by how one-dimensional his show was (completely focused on him, and his kind of bad singing and sort of ok rapping)... I was under the impression that Kanye's live show production value was off the charts. To his credit he brought out a full band, but then proceeded to completely ignore showcasing that band's talents (including dj Craze on the decks, wtf!...). But, the show wasn't without it's moments, and unfortunately for Mr. College Dropout, my favorite moment was when he left the stage and just let this song play out for the crowd.

Journey - Don't Stop Believing

Oh Kanye... Love your production, not feeling your live show. Also, what was Glow in the Dark about it?... I'm just sayin'

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