Monday, 23 February 2009

Chino Latino featuring ZZK Records

It's on like ping pong. Anna Browne, aka Annita Cumbia Selectah, just rolled into town from her whirlwind tour of the world (Starting out in Buenos Aires, Argentina to Rio and Salvador Brazil, to Paris, India, Hong Kong and currently Shanghai, finally ending up in Tokyo this weekend). Anna holds it down with ZZK Records, a fantastic label and club night that's based in Buenos Aires and putting out some of the most zany electro-Cumbia madness you've ever heard. She's here to see what Shanghai's got to say about this new movement of bedroom dj's and producers from Buenos Aires and beyond reappropriating old cumbia gems and using their brains, hands and laptops to make hot new dancefloor/club burners. Still not convinced? Here's a little taste:

Zonora Point - Huachita Rica (Douster remix)

Chino Latino Cuatro
Wednesday, Feb. 25th at Shelter (5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Xi Lu)
20rmb entry, come early for free mix cd's, stickers and flyers from ZZK Records, y'heard?!..


candice said...

love it. play it at our wedding! it's a good soundtrack to eating spicy papaya salad.

candice said...

leaving another comment to see the next "word verification". the last one was "scullo", this one is "rompo"...are they taking words from the song?!

candice said...

"ingleduc". No.

elnomo said...

"travalgu" sounds like an omen!