Monday, 9 February 2009

Daft-er Party

So the rumor on the street is that Daft Punk will be coming to Shanghai this Friday, but the whole thing is shrouded in mystery... like you have to shell out 500rmb to get a "ticket" which is a bar code on a piece of paper, and then you leave your phone number at the ticket office, and get an sms the day of the event telling you where they'll actually be playing. (This whole media hijnk is also especially rad for us Bananas kids, because we're doing our once-every-few-months party the same night, and guess who are target crowd is?... Pretty much the sort of people who are going to lose their shit about Daft Punk being in China for the first time ever... lucky us!)

Anyways, at Bananas we like French electro-house as much as the next hipster... so come join us after you've had your mind blown by probably the best/biggest electronic music act in the world.
Venue kept secret until you look at the flyer. To buy tickets, go to the door of the Shelter and pay 30rmb... The door guy will show you the secret cave entrance to get to the party. Once you are inside the venue, you will not be able to send or receive any sms, so all further secret communication will have to be done by talking to people and gesturing through dance moves. Maybe it will be the guys from Bananas playing, maybe it will just be two french musical geniuses in robot masks... only one way to find out: show up!

p.s. This is an UNOFFICIAL (d)after party, to the party that no one in the city can confirm is real or not, but that doesn't mean it won't be totally rad... it will be. Rad.


Anonymous said...

elnomo said...

yeah, all signs point to this is a big scam... but i guess we have to wait til friday to know for sure.

Me said...

good for you :)
now you have a bunch of hyped up elektro fans wanting to rock on friday night. nice lil spill over effect for you guys.

elnomo said...

well, it's a shame about the hoax, but yeah, probably a blessing in disguise for us... if you have a daft punk ticket, bring it to the door of shelter before 11pm and get in for free. a small consolation prize, i know.