Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Tallest Man On Earth

You know, djing gets boring sometimes... real boring. I'm pretty sick of trolling blogs for the next booty-shaking dancefloor killer that's going to make everyone go nuts and hopefully get me laid. I'm also sick of listening to music that's supposed to make you happy. I mean, come on, it's February, its cold, spring is a long ways off still, the world is in crisis in so many ways, and I've got more issues that scottie's got tissues. Give me the soundtrack to that, eh? Enter "The Tallest Man On Earth" with the album "Shallow Grave." Nothing quite like a man just crooning over his acoustic guitar, and that's pretty much what this whole album is. The Tallest Man On Earth, aka Kristian Matsson from Sweden (no, not the guy pictured above) is probably getting compared up and down the blogsphere to early Bob Dylan which I'd say is a pretty hefty, yet surprisingly fair, compliment. The major difference is that this guy can SING... and the tradeoff being that he's not exactly the lyric/poet genius that Dylan was, but still a breath of nostalgic, sad air for a guy like me who spends my days combing the internet for sweet spot party jams that make the ladies say "Oooh"

The Tallest Man On Earth - Where Do My Bluebird Fly

Like it? Buy the album, "Shallow Grave" on the label Mexican Summer.

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