Friday, 6 February 2009

Santo Chino, you're my hero

Meet Santo Chino, aka my friend Chris. He's decided to take a two month bike and train adventure around southeast Asia (this, after a solo motorcycle trip across China two years ago), leaving me in Shanghai, insanely jealous, but also happy to earn a few extra duckets covering his regular Friday gig at Glamour Bar. Right before leaving dude came by and gave me some music that he likes to play so the dj transition would be relatively seamless... and he totally sonned me on what it means to dig! Jeez, while I'm out looking for common denominator jams to get cash a paycheck with, he swears he's "not a party dj" and is quietly finding some of the weirdest and coolest shit I've ever heard and reminding me that pandering to the masses sucks. Can't really do justice to this guy's taste in music in a few quick links, but I wanted to share a few of the ones he gave me that I found to be most brain numbing-ly rad.

The Revenge - Night Flight
(stick with this one... it's a slow burner that get's interesting around minute 5)

Lunar Jam - Over and Over

Quince - Genetrix

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